Friday, 11 January 2013

Friday Run - with Beurer and Runtastic

By Mia Dragostin

I wanted to keep on exercising today, nothing big...just my regular daily half hour. Initially I have planned for an indoor 5k on a treadmill, then decided to go for an outdoor run...the day is so grey and gloomy
Power Walking in Edinburgh - Grey and gloomy day over Arthur Seat

Power Walking in Edinburgh - Muddy footpath
... and the footpath so muddy... 

I don't know why, but today the run really felt tired so quickly, every step felt so difficult, so close to simply give up...Even if I was a little disappointed of not being able to do a full run around, I must admit that at least I've done something...better than nothing!

I thought it would be interesting to check my heart rate graph with my new Beurer PM70 heart rate monitor, so I strapped it up and ...go girl, go!
The result is that out of the 45 minutes, I have exercised constantly over 60% of MHR, and about 20 minutes over 85% MHR, with a spike of about 200bpm....I still wonder if this spike really happened or it was a fault of the monitor...

Curious to see how Runtastic is working, I also took my phone with me.
Power Walking in Edinburgh - Runtastic map

If you want to find out how I do (and also to have a 'Cheer' from me, don't be shy and connect with me on runtastic ...just look for 'Mia D' ...

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

First Day of 2013 - First wee Run

by Mia Dragostin

No, it was not the New Year resolution that took me out for a wee run so early; I don't do New Year's resolutions... 

 I only have a new heart rate monitor, and I was curious how is working..more details about it I just share the joy of being able to make it around Arthur Seat, just like this, after at least 2 weeks of continuous eating and pure lazyness...Yay! :-)