Friday, 6 April 2012

Power Walking: Week 5 Day 5

Wow...already day 5 this week...that was quite fast...
It was cloudy and rainy, cold-ish now and then...
After some crazy gym workout I ended the day with 17,080 steps.

I wanted to check again how many calories I burn at a quite intense (for my level of fitness) running. So after 10 minutes of running at 10k speed I managed to cover 1.8 k and burn (only!) 119 calories. Before my workout I was planning to reward myself  with something sweet or beer-y...but after I exhausted myself and burned only 100 calories, all of a sudden all my drive to ingest something with over 250 calories vanished...
So after workout - back to my lovely salad (tomatoes, cucumber, green olives and some feta cheese cubes) with a good protein source (to help with the recovery) of smoked mackerel pate (simply whizzed the fillet with some plain yoghurt) ..I don't know if I kept it low in calories, but at least it was healthy...

On my way home the sky looked like this...and then the rain started..again...:-)
Power Walking: Sky 1

Power Walking: Sky 2

Power walking: Sky - colour and fog

Keep on walking!

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