Monday, 9 April 2012

Power Walking: Week 6 Day 1

A decent weather for Edinburgh today...part windy-ish, part rain-ish, mainly cloudy.
Still, good weather for the super exercise required by week 6: 4 minutes of really intense walking, followed by 2 minutes of medium intense walking. Very difficult this weeks level, I really felt it myself today after a continuous 30 minutes session.

Good workout , and I managed to take some lovely pics today:
Power Walking: Blue sunset 1

Power Walking: Blue sunset 2

Power Walking: Blue sunset 3

I have ended the day with a great 16,850 steps....

By the way...Have you ever checked the labels for bread? Today I thought..let me have a look:
Power Walking: bread label

Well, let's pay some more attention to what we eat, so that the exercise effort really pays off.

Keep on walking! 

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