Sunday, 4 March 2012

Getting ready

Today we've had our first practical session.
What we need to remember for the next week:

1. Don't leave home without the bottle with water.
     -the hip joint - lateral leg swings
                          - across leg swings
    - the sole and calf muscles - toe raises
    - lunges on spot
    - knee raises
    - back kicks

10 of each for each leg

3. Do the power walking making sure that:
    - land on heel, roll and push the ground with the toes, keeping the leg behind straight
    - keep back straight, shoulders relaxed (pull down shoulder blades!)
    - keep neck muscles loose making sure you hold the head so that you look at a point that is 5-6 mts ahead
    - make sure the arms swing on the side elbows moving up and down, fingers together in a loose fist; when on the move up the fist no not go above shoulder levels
    -try to synchronise breathing with stepping: breathe in during step 1 and 2, breathe out during step 3 and 4; repeat :-)

4. During the slow section:
    - walk at your own pace, relax all muscles
    - holding your hand on the abdomen, exhale forcefully by contracting those muscles - the purpose is to help you get more oxygen in and help you recover faster and get ready for the next fast tempo section :-)

5. After you do your session (up to 30 minutes a day, but no more than 20 minutes), please please please do a cool-down: walk at your own pace about 3 minutes - you simply need to keep the blood running and take away the waste products resulted after the work out; this way you make sure the recovery is faster and  not painful.

6. Stretches: the muscles you work out must be stretched at the end of the session
Calf stretches: feet together, take a large step forward, bend the front leg, keep the back leg straight, with heel on the ground, and push gently until you feel a stretch on the calf muscles. Hold for at least 10 seconds. Breathe! Hold the arms together in front of you stretching the back in the same time. Change foot.

Quads stretches (front of thighs): feet together, lift one leg, hold it with the hand, bring knees together, push hip forward. Hold for at least 10 seconds. Breathe! The other side.

Hamstring stretches (back of thighs): feet together, step forward, keep that foot straight and lift the toes (heel on the ground); bend the leg left behind  and push down while making sure the toes of the front leg do continue to point up.Hold for at least 10 seconds. Breathe!

Shoulder stretch: standing, feet hip width apart, bring one arm horizontally in front of the clavicle, press on elbow with the other hand. Hold for at least 10 seconds. Breathe!

Triceps stretch: Standing, feet hip width apart, hold the arm extended vertically, bend from the elbow, place the hand behind the neck, between shoulder blades; place the other hand on the elbow and press down gently. Now you know...haha: Hold for at least 10 seconds. Breathe!

Keep hydrated, and enjoy the after walk snack. Healthy if possible ;-)

Tomorrow is day one!
Good luck!!

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