Saturday, 31 March 2012

Power Walking: Week 4 Day Off

Started the day with the usual 20 minutes of morning walk, 20 minutes walk back...about 6800 steps. I could have had a lazy Saturday afternoon, but somehow I couldn't find my place. What do I do when I am feeling jittery? Obviously, trainers on, and go.

I started as usually with Arthur Seat ...

Power Walking: Fly a kite

then felt like I need to try something different. So decided in a snap second to  head towards Meadows...

Judging by my previous experience, the distance between Arthur Seat and Bruntsfield Links (the far away side of the Meadows) was a big no-no to walking.
Today I have discovered that this distance is by no means a no-no! Only 25-30 minutes of good fast power walking (not even jogging!) and i was there....who would have thought it's so close... and what a beautiful space. Play the slideshow below to see the beauty of the place for yourself, don't simply trust my words..

I have ended the day with a whooping 15620 feels so great.

The teaching of the day: never assume, test first!

Keep on walking! :-)

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