Monday, 12 March 2012

Power Walking: Technique

If you want to see in a more detailed manner how the power walking technique looks like, here you have some pictures:

Power Walking Phase 1
Start from a strong upright posture: shoulders relaxed, chest open, eyes looking straight ahead; elbows bent at 90 degree angle.

Power Walking Phase 2
Stride forward with left leg, land on heel, begin transferring the weight from right foot to left. While left foot moves forward, the right arm moves backwards (in opposition with the foot).

Power Walking Phase 3
Keep looking ahead while you kepe transferring the weight on your left foot.

Power Walking Phase 4
Transfer the weight of your body fully on left leg and end it with a good push from the right foot toes - this push is what generates your speed. Your body leans slightly forward while keeping the back leg straight. Use the arms to generate more momentum.

Power Walking Phase 5
Lift right foot and begin transferring it to the front. Right arm moves backwards, left arm forwards.

Power Walking Phase 6
Extend the right foot forwards, the toes raised, heel ready to strike; keep your feet pointing forwards. Swing the arms through the neutral position and start next cycle.

Nina Barough (2003) - "Walking for fitness, The low impact workout that tones and shapes", DK Publishing

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