Monday, 26 March 2012

Power Walking: Week 4 Day 1

What a beautiful day today: splendid sunshine, no wind, calm...heaven on earth...

Power Walking: Spring

4250 steps before the walking session.
I thought I'd go for a power walk, then I felt I'd like some jogging... warm up, and go. 
11 minutes of uphill jogging...that was really really challenging. After that...just flat and downhill. (Click here to see the route  - switch on Google Earth for a stunning view). And a sprint at the felt so great.

Ended with 10698 steps.

Cool down and stretch...a wee meditation...
Power Walking: Meditation...

Power Walking: Spring 2
we need so little to feel happy...[yeah, that is the endorphins talking :-)]

On the way home...some more awareness on the beauty of the nature...
Power Walking: Afternoon

The teaching of the day: keep it simple...just keep walking!

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