Friday, 16 March 2012

Power Walking: Week 2 Day 5

After my 4100 steps yesterday I have decided to do all my travelling today exclusively by walking.
No bus.
No taxi.
No bike (I don't have one anyway...).
Just good old walking.

Power Walking: Have you noticed spring is already here?

40 minutes of intense and nearly sweaty walking took me here:
Power Walking: Raining
then here:

Power Walking: Donald (or Donaldson ??) College

Ok, I admit I had no time pressure and I could afford to spend 40 minutes to go and 40 minutes to be back...but what else I would have to do with the time, other than lazy sitting on a couch, chair, sofa, bed, or similar...???

Early afternoon: 7540 steps...still some things to do I might score high [pedometer numbers wise! :-)] today....

Power Walking; Rainy Day

Yess... at the end of the day: 11333 steps....absolutely knackered...I think I'll sleep like a baby....

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