Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Power Walking: Week 1, Day 2

Second day. Interesting day. Busy. Very busy.

When I got to the bus station, my 34 was due in 8 minutes. I might go for a 22...It usually takes me 10  minutes of fast walk between Easter Road and Elm Row. I need to make a quick decision: wait 8 minutes for 34, or I walk 10 minutes and get a 22? Decision taken: walk.

London Road, early in the morning (well...9.20-ish early)
On my way back home I decided to do the walk from Elm Row to Easter Road.
10 more minutes. Total so far: 20 minutes of intense walking.

London Road on the way back home

And then the disaster struck. After the dinner, when it got colder, windy and dark, I really didn't feel at all like going out for my last 10 minutes of walk. But hey...I am not going to be defeated by weather and laziness. Trainers on, and move!
Wow, that was really windy... 
real challenge - these last 10 minutes...but I did it! 


  1. windy and snowing here, feel like a fat chicken on steroids marching round the area where i stay lol think i need a bit more practise with the technique

    1. Chris, it's great you could do the marching :-)
      ...we can work on technique on Saturday,just let me know what time is best for you...