Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Power Walking: Week 4 Day 3

I don't have any pics today: my phone charger got smashed, so I am out of battery for at least next 2 days...

As a real hero, today I decided to walk half an hour from Meadowbank to St. John's Church along Royal Mile - instead of spending the same half hour on a bus stuck in traffic. That worked, I've done lots of walking early in the morning and I wasn't late.

Unfortunately another pedometer let me's simply not possible to have after 30 minutes of intense walking (Royal Mile is quite steep in some places) only 1211 I have no idea how many steps I've had today, but for sure were a lot of them.

Am I right to say this post looks boring without pictures?

The teaching of the day: when you feel too tired, go for a nap....
Keep on walking!

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