Thursday, 8 March 2012

Power Walking: Week 1 Day 4

Today it seemed much easier to decide on if I do my 10 minutes walk or I take the bus.
So when I left home I already knew I am going to do my 10 minutes fast walk, even if  the bus would wait for me in the bus stop, begging for me to step in, have a coffee and a muffin (this combination is my weakness) and enjoy the ride!

10 minutes of fast walk, nearly 2000 steps...not bad
This time I checked the numbers on pedometer too.... nearly 2000 steps for 10 minutes of fast walk, I think it's really good...

I finished the day with 11144 steps. As my pedometer is very sensitive, and might count as steps even movements that are not quite steps, I have decided to take some off...10% off, as Kristian suggested...this leaves me with about 10000 steps....not bad at all for a busy day. 

Looking forward for my tomorrow's 30 minutes (in one take), and tick the 5th day of the week....yay...

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