Saturday, 24 March 2012

Power Walking: Week 3 Day 5

And here I am: at the middle of the 6 weeks training.

Only 3 more weeks to go.

Power Walking: The City of Edinburgh Council

Power Walking: The guys working @City Council really need to power walk :-)

Looking back, have these 3 past weeks made any difference in my life?
I am not sure weight wise as I am not going to check it until the last day.
But many other things happened:

  • I am already super aware of when I am lazy and I push (gently) myself to go out and move
  • I am using much less the bus, and if I have time, even if where I need to get is 30 or even 40 minutes away, I choose to walk the distance.
  • I arrange my day so it allows me or the 30 minutes of power walking or just fast walk while moving from one place to another.
  • I am more aware of what and how much I eat; tonight was the first time when I decided I should have a look on how many calories are in an oatcake..curious? well...this lovely low-GL product has precisely 57 of the calories. Not much for one oatcake, but I used to melt 5-6 oatcakes in only a few seconds; yep, this makes about 250-300 cal, or in Mia units - a muffin...and that's huge for me! Its 40 mins of intense power walking/jogging (when taking into account my rate of 60cal/10 mins). Not really willing to pay my greed and fast eating with so much effort. So even if my choices could be correct, I still have to work on the 'portion size'.
  • I am trying to make some dietary changes now. I would need to plan more and yes, learn some new recipes too.
  • Exercising regularly at decent intensity brings some good tone to my body, in a way the once or twice a week intense gym sessions don't seem to be able to do it for me.
  • I still have mood swings but I would say that the percentage of low mood is decreasing.
I end the first half with 5253 steps today. Not too much indeed, but tomorrow is another day.

Keep on walking!

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