Friday, 30 March 2012

Power Walking: Week 4 Day 5

The last day of battle with steps of week 4.

20 minutes of walk from home to work seem so easy now, so natural, so 'this is the way the things go'...

I kept moving up and down, but was not able to actually do any power walking training as I felt too tired. I ended the day with 6850 steps.

Today I discovered something interesting. I was telling you a few days ago about an oatcakes having 57 calories....I just discovered the wholegrain organic oatmeal from Kalo...only 30 calories per cake. With two of them I really managed to calm down some rebel hunger pangs (I reckon I would have needed about 3-4 oatcakes for the same effect). A quick calculation shows I have 'saved' about 90 -140 calories just replacing the oatcakes with the wholegrain rice cakes...mmm I like this....

And yes, I have finally bought a new charger for my no more boring looking  posts (I know the content is awesome anyway) :-)

Keep on walking!...and start thinking about healthier options for the food you eat now.

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