Saturday, 17 March 2012

Power Walking: Week 2 Day Off

Day off... beautiful day in Edinburgh....Sunny, light breeze, fresh clean air, birds singing....must go out and put some vitamin D under my skin.. 

Power Walking: Soleil, soleil :-)

Power Walking: Bright Day

I needed to check today how many calories do I burn on a treadmill, at 140 bpm, at top speed (7.5kph): according to the monitor there are 48 cal for 8.3mins and a distance of 0.89k; and those 48 cal include the basal metabolic rate....mmm, those muffins (ok, chocolate too) come at a very expensive price....

In short: sun bathing, gym, shopping...6029 steps in total...enough for a lazy Saturday...

Power Walking: Sunset

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